8 relationship affirmations for reflecting on connections

Published on December 17, 2021 |Last updated on January 31, 2022

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Relationships (however you may define them) can be complex and different for everyone. Good2Talk’s relationship affirmations can help you reflect on how you’re feeling about your connections. They can also help support you in recognizing areas of a relationship you may want to strengthen and even signs that a relationship may be toxic / unsafe for you.

As you go through this list, on your own or with your partner(s), you can think about a relationship you’re currently in, a past relationship or a new relationship you’re considering. You don’t have to identify with everything on the list — it’s more about reflecting on how things are going for you and your partner(s) in general. While these affirmations focus more on romantic, emotional, sexual and / or physical connections, some may also be helpful when evaluating other types of relationships in your life.

Good2Talk’s relationship affirmations

My partner and I are free to be ourselves

We’re able to express our true, authentic selves around one another. We each have our own, distinct identity (e.g. individual interests, hobbies, friendships, etc.). We don’t try to control each other (e.g. by telling the other person what to do, what to wear, who to hang out with, etc.).

My partner and I respect each other

We respect each other’s boundaries. We don’t push each other beyond our limits or try to cross the other person’s boundaries. We show regard for one another’s responsibilities, plans and time (e.g. by not trying to make a partner feel bad for prioritizing their studies, self-care or previous commitments, etc.). We don’t humiliate each other or put each other down (e.g. by using sarcastic or critical language, etc.). 

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My partner and I trust each other

We have each other’s best interests at heart. Since trust can take time to build, we’re always working toward it. We don’t break our promises and we follow through on commitments. 

My partner and I support each other

We both feel cared for and appreciated. We show support by listening, helping out, etc. Just being there is sometimes all it takes! We’re thoughtful and kind to each other.

My partner and I feel safe and secure — emotionally and physically 

We listen to each other, feel safe to express ourselves and know we can bring up concerns to work through together. We don’t use ultimatums. We know the signs of dating violence / abuse (you can click on the link for more info from That’s Not Cool in the U.S.). We don’t need to be cautious of what we say / do for fear of making the other person angry. We don’t use threats (e.g. to harm ourselves or our partner) to manipulate each other into doing things.

My partner and I are equals in the relationship

Overall, we try to put the same amount of effort into the relationship, and one person doesn’t have power over the other. We don’t pressure each other to do things we don’t want to do or aren’t ready for yet. 

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My partner and I practise open communication 

We can openly talk about what’s on our minds, including our needs, desires, hopes and fears. We demonstrate genuine concern for each other’s emotions. We’re comfortable being honest about what we’re thinking and feeling, and we don’t feel the need to lie. 

My partner and I are connected in ways that feel good for us and our relationship

We have a connection that works for us. It feels safe, mutual and consensual, and may include emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, intellectual and other types of bonds. We also make efforts to be present with one another and show each other that we’re available, especially in times of need.

We hope these relationship affirmations help you to reflect on the connections in your life. You can try a relationship quiz from our friends at Kids Help Phone if you’d like to continue exploring. And if you’d like to talk about how a relationship in your life is going, you can reach out to one of our professional counsellors or volunteer crisis responders 24/7. We’re Good2Talk whenever you need us!

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