Peer-to-Peer community

Explore a community of support with other young people across Canada.

What is the Peer-to-Peer Community?

The Peer-to-Peer Community powered by Kids Help Phone is an online space for young people, co-created by young people. It’s a collection of moderated support forums on various topics, where you can anonymously share with other youth your experiences, offer inspiration and / or ask questions to engage with other youth across Canada.

Is this service for me?

The Peer-to-Peer Community’s online forums are available to young people across Canada who’d like to share experiences and discuss mental health topics (or whatever’s on their mind!) with other young people.

You can view these forums from anywhere in the world, but you must be within Canada to make an account and write posts / replies.

If you’re in Canada and want to connect with other young people, this service may be for you.

How are my safety and privacy protected?

The Peer-to-Peer Community has a team of staff moderators who review all posts before they’re published. Their goal is to try to ensure that the community remains a space that feels as safe as possible for everyone.

Posts must follow Peer-to-Peer community guidelines. Moderators check posts to help ensure a welcoming, supportive and confidential space for all community members. If needed, moderators offer private feedback on posts to help members follow the community guidelines.

The Peer-to-Peer Community strives to be a space that protects the anonymity of its members. You can visit the Peer-to-Peer Community FAQ for more information on safety and privacy.

What can I share on the Peer-to-Peer Community?

We encourage you to share whatever’s on your mind.

As long as your posts follow the community guidelines, you’re free to post whatever you feel comfortable sharing!

Moderators will offer private feedback on your posts to help you follow the community guidelines. Moderators may also respond publicly to posts with resources and supports.

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