Student Support Abroad

Ontario post-secondary students who are outside of the country can call Good2Talk for free, confidential support, 24/7. You can use the following toll-free numbers to connect about any issue, big or small.

International toll-free numbers

011 86 108 003 200 117

011 33 800 903 142

011 49 800 000 2553

Hong Kong:
011 852 800 906 629

011 91 800 050 3721

011 39 080 078 9200

South Korea:
011 82 308 321 0474

United Kingdom:
011 44 800 066 8739

United States:

How does Good2Talk support Ontario post-secondary students while they’re outside the country?

Ontario post-secondary students who are outside the country for any reason can still access Good2Talk’s support service and online wellness resources.

Is this service for me?

If you’re a student currently registered with an Ontario post-secondary institution, and you’re outside the province for any reason, you can use this service. (Post-secondary institutions include, but aren’t limited to, colleges, universities, trade schools and Indigenous institutions.)

To use this service, you can be a full-time, part-time and / or international student. Maybe you’re travelling, studying abroad, home for a break or learning remotely. Whatever the reason you’re outside of Ontario, you can use Good2Talk’s international toll-free numbers to connect with our team for support.

o Good2Talk provides access to free, confidential counselling, as well as information and referrals within Canada. We can’t support students with requests for resources / information / referrals for services outside of Canada.

How does Good2Talk help protect my privacy?

At Good2Talk, respecting your privacy is important to us. We want to reassure you that your conversation with us is private. That means our staff won’t share what you tell them with anyone outside of Good2Talk, unless we’re worried about your safety, and we know your identifying information. To find out more, check out our privacy policy.

Can I request an interpreter for my call?

o Yes! Good2Talk wants students to feel as comfortable as possible during their call. We’ll try to connect you with an interpreter in your language of choice. You can request an interpreter once you’ve connected with a Community Navigator or professional counsellor. The interpreter will translate as you talk with our Good2Talk team member.

What do I do if I need urgent help?

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, you can contact the emergency services in your area.

Is this service free?

Good2Talk is a free service, but you can keep in mind there may be charges associated with calling us from outside of Ontario / Canada.

When using a Canadian cell phone outside of Canada, you may have to pay roaming charges.

When calling from France, you’ll be charged $0.0622 CAD per minute.

You can review your phone plan to check what charges may apply if you call Good2Talk from outside of Ontario / Canada.

Where can I share my feedback / ask a question?

You can share general feedback or ask a question about Good2Talk by using our contact form.

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You can connect with Good2Talk if you want to talk or text about your feelings. Support is available 24/7.

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November 19th - 25th is Bullying Awareness and Prevention week. Bullying in post-secondary spaces can look like harassment, abuse, meanness or drama. However bullying is labelled, it`s always considered to be harmful and unwanted behaviour. If you`re experiencing bullying you can:

1️⃣ Speak up - you can talk to a friend, teacher or emergency services, if required.
2️⃣ Take care of yourself - bullying can be stressful, so remember to be kind to yourself!
3️⃣ Get support - you can share your concerns and feelings with your friends and family.

We are also available 24/7. You can reach out to Good2Talk by phone or text any time.

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