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Mental Health Support
Available in Mandarin

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Sometimes it can feel tough to communicate your thoughts and feelings. Post-secondary students living in Ontario can access Good2Talk’s free, private, 24/7 phone counselling service with help from Mandarin-speaking interpreters.

How can students access this service?

  1. Call Good2Talk’s toll-free number at 1-866-925-5454
  2. You’ll hear a welcome message in English, French and Mandarin asking you to select your preferred language
  3. Choose Mandarin as your language of choice
  4. A professional counsellor will connect you with a Mandarin-speaking interpreter to start the conversation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Am I eligible for this service?

If you’re a current post-secondary student living in Ontario, you’re eligible for this service. Post-secondary institutions include (but are not limited to) colleges, universities, trade schools and Indigenous institutions.

Who will I be talking to?

The service is delivered over the phone by professional counsellors and Mandarin-speaking interpreters. The interpreter is selected from Mandarin-speaking interpreters across Canada and the United States. They’re professionally trained to help you communicate your thoughts to Kids Help Phone counsellors.

It can be helpful to pause regularly so the interpreter can translate your words for the counsellor to understand clearly. During the conversation, our counsellors listen, ask questions and help you decide on next steps together. They can also refer you to other programs and services in your community and in more languages (where available) across Canada.

What can I call about?

You can contact Good2Talk for support with any issue, big or small. You can get in touch about things like loneliness, anxiety, family and friends, abuse, discrimination, and more.

How does Good2Talk protect my privacy?

Good2Talk is committed to ensuring and protecting your privacy. We only store information that helps us understand and improve our service. To find out more, check out our privacy policy.