Get Involved

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How to Get Involved?

Become a Good2Talk Student Ambassador!

Good2Talk Student Ambassadors contribute to a healthy environment on campus by supporting mental health and wellness initiatives, campaigns and events.

If you are a student at a public university or college in Ontario, are passionate about mental health and promoting support services to your peers, join our network of Good2Talk Student Ambassadors!

After completing our blended training program, Good2Talk Ambassadors can access our Volunteer Board to sign up for different volunteer opportunities or create their own! We welcome any ideas you may have to increase awareness about mental health and Good2Talk.

Examples of activities may include:

  • Class Presentations
  • Tables/booths
  • Creating, implementing, and/or supporting health promotion campaigns
  • Outreach to groups or student unions
  • Social media outreach
  • Promotional events

How to Become an Ambassador

As Our Good2Talk Student Ambassador Program is still growing, we recommend interested students get in touch by filling out the form below:

Ambassador Application

What to expect when you volunteer?


  1. Ambassadors complete training on Good2Talk, partner organizations and connecting students to campus resources.
  2. Ambassadors lead Good2Talk awareness activities on their campuses and help support Good2Talk outreach by attending campus events.
  3. Ambassadors receive incentives and recognition based on completed activities.
  4. Ambassadors help to inform future Good2Talk student engagement work.


  • Motivated to support Good2Talk’s goal of providing post-secondary students with immediate access to professional counselling and informational and referral supports
  • Strong knowledge of mental health resources & supports available on campus
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including strong public speaking and written communication skills
  • Willing to receive direction as part of a team and complete post-activation evaluations
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently