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Who can call Good2Talk?

Good2Talk serves post-secondary students in the province of Ontario, with a primary focus on students aged 17-25. Anyone who does not fit in the above group and calls the helpline will receive support and if appropriate, referrals to other services based on an assessment of their needs.

What happens when you call Good2Talk?

After selecting your language (English or French), a Good2Talk Information and Referral specialist will answer the phone and assist the caller in determining their needs. Based on their assessment and the caller’s request, a community based referral may be provided or the caller will be connected to a Good2Talk counsellor or Mental Health and Addictions specialist for a counselling session or information on resources they can access on campus or in the community. If the caller determines they need additional support during the course of a call, helpline staff can transfer callers to receive that support. For example: a caller seeking in the moment support for stress and anxiety may want to speak to a counsellor and at the end of their call, request to speak with an information & referral specialist about options for in person counselling on campus.

What kind of support does Good2Talk provide to students?

Good2Talk provides post-secondary students with confidential and anonymous single session counselling and Information and Referrals to services both on and off campus.

Are there types of support Good2Talk does not provide?

If a student requests support for a service we do not offer, Good2Talk will provide the student with the most appropriate on or off campus resource(s) to help them with their concern. Examples of types of support we do not offer on the helpline include: medical or psychiatric diagnoses, legal advice, financial advice or detailed OSAP information, couples therapy or academic counselling.

What issues can Good2Talk counselling help with?

Good2Talk supports students facing a wide range of stresses and concerns that can impact their mental health, well-being and success during post-secondary studies. Good2Talk counsellors will use their professional skills to talk through any challenges, including academic-related stress and anxiety, relationship, employment or financial challenges, concerns with substance use and abuse, panic or crisis and thoughts of suicide.

What does 'confidential' really mean?

Good2Talk is 100% confidential – you don’t have to provide any identifying information. We may ask for your postal code or the school you are attending in order to find you services or supports you may want to access. However, you are always in control of the information you choose to provide to us. Because Good2Talk’s service is confidential, your school will not know that you have contacted the helpline. The only time anyone else will know you have called Good2Talk is if there is imminent risk of harm to yourself or others and we have identifying information (such as your name and address). In that case, we have a duty to report and are required by law to contact the police or other authorities.

What kind of referrals can Good2Talk give students?

Good2Talk information and referral specialists provide up-to-date information on mental health and addictions services and can refer you to on and off campus services in your local area or another area you prefer. This can include services for counselling and mental health, crisis support, addiction treatment centres and self-help groups, as well as non-mental health referrals for housing and job supports, legal services and LGBTQ or Aboriginal support services.

Who manages Good2Talk?

Good2Talk is a partnership between Kids Help Phone, ConnexOntario, Ontario 211 and the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health.

Who is answering the phone and what are their qualifications?

Good2Talk is a bilingual phone service staffed by qualified, paid professionals with education, professional experience and specialized training in either counselling or information and referral. Counsellors are required to have degrees in a relevant discipline (e.g. psychology, or social work), a minimum of three years’ applicable work experience in social services and experience in telephone counselling and crisis intervention. Information and Referral Specialists must have a minimum of three years’ experience in the health/human services field and a degree in a relevant discipline and are certified as Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) professionals. All helpline staff have Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST).

Who pays for Good2Talk?

Good2Talk is funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD), as part of the Mental Health Innovation Fund.

When and where is Good2Talk available?

Good2Talk is available in the province of Ontario, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Can I speak to someone of a specific gender, or who speaks the same language as me?

You are welcome to ask to speak with a male or female counsellor, and Good2Talk will try to accommodate these requests. However, it depends on who is available at the time of your call. Good2Talk only provides services in English or French, but can assist callers in finding language-specific resources in their community, if they are available.

If I call, will it show up on my phone bill?

It depends. If you call from a cell phone, the number may show up on your bill. Even though we’re committed to providing confidential service, cell phone service providers bill their customers in different ways which sometimes may include showing dialled phone numbers. Keep in mind that our number will not show up on your bill if you call us using a land line. You could also consider using a pay phone if you’re worried about this.

Does Good2Talk have a text service, app or live chat?

At this time, Good2Talk only provides telephone services.

What does the focus on students aged 17-25 mean?

Good2Talk is geared towards supporting students aged 17 to 25, who comprise the majority of the province’s post-secondary students. Helpline staff are trained and have experience with the challenges faced by students in this age range and are focused on providing support to these students. However, Good2Talk recognizes the need for mental health supports for students who are over the age of 25, particularly in the college system where the proportion of mature students is significant and increasing. For this reason, Good2Talk will not deny service to any student, regardless of age, however calls from students who are 25+ will focus on a needs assessment and referral to appropriate resource if it is outside of Good2Talk’s ability to support the caller.

Can I call if I have recently graduated post-secondary?

Callers who have recently graduated from post-secondary may be transitioning out of on-campus services that were previously available to them. While Good2Talk can only provide counselling to current students, recent graduates may call to request a referral to local services they can access without being a student.

I'd like to work for Good2Talk. Are you hiring?

Good2Talk is a partnership between four organizations: ConnexOntario, Kids Help Phone, Ontario 211 and the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health. At this time, the four organizations that have partnered to create Good2Talk will post any vacancies they have on their individual organization websites. Please note: Good2Talk helpline staff are paid professionals and we do not offer volunteer opportunities providing support on the helpline (see question below for information on how to volunteer with Good2Talk).

Do you have volunteer opportunities for students?

If you are currently a student in Ontario and are passionate about mental health on campus, please see the “Get Involved!” page for information on how to become a Good2Talk Student Ambassador.

Can campus staff call Good2Talk for support?

As the Good2Talk line is for students only, we would not provide counselling support to post-secondary staff members. However, we can provide staff or service providers with information and referral assistance in locating resources for the students they work with.

How can my campus order Good2Talk materials or promote Good2Talk at an event?

We welcome any staff or student who wishes to help us promote Good2Talk as a valuable resource for students. Please see the Materials page to request support or order materials.

How can I leave feedback about Good2Talk?

Please see the Contact Us page to leave feedback about your experience using Good2Talk and thank you for reaching out!